Here's Why Manila Has One Of The Worst Public Transit Systems In The World (Video)

As one of the largest cities in a developing country, Manila has a lot of problems. One of these is its very poor public transit system. How poor? The popular blog Jalopnik ranked Manila as number two among ten cities considered to have the worst public transit systems in the world. If not for Mumbai, India, Manila would have been number one.

If you live in Manila, then you've been a witness to very long lines at MRT stations. These are daily occurrences. It's a huge hassle to thousands of commuters who have no other choice but to take the trains.

In the following video which was uploaded just last month, you can see an unbelievable line of people waiting for their turn to board a train. It runs for one and a half minute and all this time the person taking the video passes by a seemingly never-ending line of commuters. Doing the math, the people will have to wait for long periods of time before they'll be able to get aboard.

Here's the video, watch it:

The video sums up how dysfunctional the public transportation system is in Manila. You could say the same about other major cities in the country although they may not be encountering problems as harsh as the ones afflicting Manila. The sad part is that Manila commuters can't expect any solutions soon as the MRT is currently being besieged by scandals and lack of development/improvement support from the government.