Movie Theaters and Cinemas in Baguio City

There are four establishments that have movie theaters in Baguio City. They are listed below including instructions on how and where to find them.

Baguio Center Mall Cinema – [Update: this is now closed.]This shopping mall has two movie theaters. They show both local and Hollywood movies. The two cinemas are located adjacent each other on the third floor of the establishment. Besides offering cheaper movie ticket prices, Center Mall also usually screen films that the other theaters in the city won't. For example, when the movie The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tatuo was released, SM City Baguio didn't show it because they were afraid of the backlash they might get from the Catholic church which was opposing the movie during that time. The Baguio Center Mall, however, screened the controversial film which was based on an even more controversial book by Dan Brown. They show films that the other theaters are afraid to screen.

One advantage of Baguio Center Mall is that they have much less customers. Often times, you will find yourself alone with just a few people inside the theater. If you are a serious movie goer who hates distractions like noisy moviegoers or dozens of flashing cellphones, the Baguio Center Mall offers you a peaceful movie experience. The Baguio Center Mall is located along Magsaysay Avenue beside the Dangwa Bus Station.

SM City Baguio – Located on the top floor of this shopping center are four movie theaters. They also screen local and Hollywood movies. SM City, without a doubt, offers the best theaters in the city. Generally, they have better service and more updated facilities. This of course translates to significantly higher movie ticket prices. And they often treat their patrons with double features. If you don't know what that is, it's a deal wherein you get to watch two movies at the price of one ticket.

Also, once in a while, SM City screens indie films or other lesser known films, usually as part of an ongoing local or national festival. In some cases, these films are shown for free to the viewing public. Besides the higher ticket prices, one disadvantage of SM City Cinemas is that they often don't screen films that are deemed sensitive or controversial. An example is the one discussed above regarding the film The Da Vinci Code which they didn't screen because of expected backlash from the Catholic church. SM City Baguio is located atop Session Road in Luneta Hill.

Baguio Cinemathique – This is a government-run mini theater located at Casa Vallejo along Upper Session Road. If you're looking for the latest Hollywood films, this is not the theater to visit. The Cinemathique, whose major goals include the promotion and development of Philippine cinema, usually screens locally-made films. They also screen foreign films often as parts of film festivals. And here's the good news – watching movies at the Cinemathique is free. However, the cinema can only accommodate a few dozen people so if you don't go there earlier ahead of the scheduled screening time, you might find yourself without a seat. Also, films are screened at the Cinemathique only during weekends. Sometimes, they screen films during a weekday but that's rare.

Empire Cinema – (Update: This movie theater closed operations in 2013.) Located near Abanao Square at the foot of Session Road, this movie theater offers the latest films from Hollywood at cheaper tickets compared to other theaters in the city. However, the theater is a bit unkempt and don't be surprised if in the middle of a movie, a technical problem occurs because these are quite common.

These are the four movie theaters in Baguio City. There should be more but the others have gone out of business and converted into other forms of establishments.

How To Pay For NBI Clearance At 7-Eleven (7/11) Stores

In this quick guide, I'm going to tell you the most basic steps in paying for your NBI Clearance via a 7-Eleven store. I am assuming that you have already applied for your clearance using the NBI Clearance Online Services website. And that you chose 7-Eleven as your mode of payment. If you haven't applied yet, I suggest that you apply right now. It's very easy. Trust me. Just go to and follow all the instructions there. It will take you about 10 to 15 minutes to finish your profile/account.

Keep in mind that the NBI no longer accept clearance applicants without an appointment. They have enforced the No Appointment, No Entry policy since December of 2016. You have to register online and set an appointment date in advance.

Once you have completed your applicant information sheet, here are the steps on how to finally request for your NBI Clearance and process your payment through 7-Eleven:
1. Visit the NBI Clearance Online Services website. Find the tab that says Apply For Clearance. Hit it.
2. You have to confirm your application by inputting the valid ID that you are going to present when you claim your clearance. (i.e. Voter's ID, Driver's Licence, Postal ID)
3. Select the NBI branch where you are going to pick up your clearance.
4. Select the date and time (morning or afternoon) of your appointment.
5. Select your purpose for applying. The choices are Local or Abroad.
6. Select your purpose details. Just choose from the dropdown menu.
7. To complete the transaction, you must choose your payment option. Your choices are as follows: Bank Over the Counter, Online Bank, Mobile Payment, Bayad Center, MultiPay, ECPay, 7-Eleven.
8. Choose 7-Eleven.
9. Copy the reference number. This is very important.
10. Go to the nearest 7-Eleven store and find a Cliqq kiosk.
11. On the Cliqq kiosk's screen, tap Bills Payment.
12. On the list of billers, look for the NBI logo and tap it.
13. Type your reference number.
14. Type your mobile phone number.
15. Hit the final button.
16. Wait for the Cliqq kiosk to generate your receipt.
17. Present the receipt to the 7-Eleven cashier.
18. Pay the fee of 155 pesos.
19. Get the final receipt. Keep in mind that this receipt is different from the receipt generated by the Cliqq kiosk.
20. Now log-in into your account at the NBI Clearance Online Services website and check on the status of your application.The status should say Paid instead of Pending.

Note: You can always check into the status of your application by logging into your NBI account. Just go to the transactions section and it will show if your application is still Pending or Paid. If you have paid but the status still says that it's Pending, you should message the website using the Contact Us section.

The website also has a Help Desk that you can use. There's a list of landline and mobile phone numbers that you can call for help from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon.
How long will it take for your payment to reflect on your application status? Based on my experience, my payment reflected within an hour. After paying at the 7-Eleven store, I logged into my NBI account to check and the status has changed from Pending to Paid.

Requirements In Getting Barangay Clearance Or Certificate Of Residency

Also referred to as a certificate of residency, the barangay clearance is another important government-issued document that can be used in various transactions either with government offices or with private institutions. For instance, it's a common requirement when you apply for a business permit with the concerned government agency. Likewise, it can also serve as a valid ID when you are going to open an account in a bank. For example, EastWest Bank accepts the barangay clearance as a document in lieu of a proof of billing when you open a savings account. These are just a few of the important uses of the document.

Barangay clearance requirements (bring these before you go to the barangay hall):
2. Processing fee - this should be less than 100 pesos
3. Complete application form - You can get the form from the barangay office. 
4. Bring any ID with you in case the barangay officer looks for identification. This is usually not required but bring one ID anyway just to be sure.
5. Keep in mind the reason why you're getting the clearance. The officer in charge will usually ask you where you're going to use the document. Your answer will reflect on the document itself.

Here's a quick list of some of the transactions where you can use a barangay clearance:
1. some employers require a barangay clearance from applicants
2. it's required when you apply for a business permit
3. it's required when applying for a Postal ID
4. you need it to get police clearance
5. you need it when getting NBI clearance
6. it's sometimes required when you apply to go abroad
7. it's required when you seek renewal for various licenses like driver's license and firearm's license
8. many financial institutions require the document when you apply for loans and financing options
9. it's required when applying for utility services water and electricity installations
Complete procedure in getting barangay clearance:
1. Obtain a cedula or community tax certificate from the municipal hall or city hall. In some regions, the cedula can be processed at the barangay office.
2. Prepare at least 100 pesos for the fee you are going to pay for your clearance. The fee should not exceed 100 pesos but it's important to be prepared for possible additional fees.
3. Go to the barangay office and tell the reception desk that you want to get a barangay clearance. The officer in charge will give you a form which you must fill up. Submit the form.
4. The officer in charge will process your document. This won't take long. It should take between 10 to 15 minutes. 
5. The officer in charge will print out your clearance which you should sign. You will also be asked to put your thumb print on the document.
6. The officer will stamp the barangay seal on the document. This is very important because some government offices and private institutions don't honor barangay clearances if these don't have a stamped seal.
7. Pay the fee and they'll give you the final document.
8. That's it. You now have a valid barangay clearance.

How To Obtain Cedula Or Community Tax Certificate In The Philippines

The cedula (sometimes spelled as sedula) or the community tax certificate (CTC) is a piece of document issued by the Philippine government to individuals and corporations upon payment of the community tax. It's also an important government-issued document which means that Filipino citizens can present it (as required) when conducting transactions in various offices and agencies of the government. For instance, you can use the cedula as a supporting document when applying for a barangay clearance or a passport.

Here are the steps you need to follow in obtaining a cedula:
1. Go to the municipal hall, city hall, or barangay hall within your place of residence and ask for the designated office or window where you can get a cedula or community tax certificate.
2. You will be asked to present a valid ID as proof that you really are the person who is to be named in the cedula you are getting.
3. After checking your ID, the officer in charge will give you a cedula form called an application slip to fill up. The information you need to divulge include the following: full name, complete address of your current residence, citizenship, civil status, birthday, place of birth, height, weight, tax identification number or TIN, and your profession.
4. Submit the form for verification by the officer. You will then be asked to pay for the cedula. Either you pay at the same window or you will be sent to another window.
5. After paying for the community tax certificate, the officer will give you three copies of it. You need to affix your right thumb print as well as your signature on all of the three copies.
6. The officer will get two copies of the cedula. You will receive the original.
7. That's it.

Uses and importance of the cedula:
1. It may be used as a requirement in applying for some government-issued identification cards like the Postal ID.
2. It can be used as a supporting document when you apply for a passport in the Philippines.
3. You need to present the sedula when you get a barangay clearance or barangay certificate of residency.
4. It's required when you apply for a Postal ID, police clearance, or when you file your income tac return.

How much are you going to pay for the cedula?
- It depends. If you are unemployed, the amount you pay is usually under 100 pesos. If you are a business owner or an employed professional, the amount you pay would be much higher but it shouldn't exceed 5,000 pesos. Below is the cedula computation and composition of the community tax you have to pay if you own a business, if you exercise a paid profession, or if you derive income from real estate properties.
A) Basic Community Tax - 5 pesos
B) Additional Community Tax (tax not to exceed 5,000 pesos)
     1. Gross receipts or earnings derived from business during the preceding year (1 peso for every 1,000 pesos)
     2. Salaries of gross receipt or earnings derived from exercise of profession or pursuit of any occupation (1 peso for every 1,000 pesos)
     3. Income from real property (1 peso for every 1,000 pesos)

How long is the validity of the cedula?
- Cedula validity is only for a year starting from the date it was issued to you. If it was issued to you on July 21, 2017, then it will expire on July 21, 2018.

Can I get cedula anywhere or online?
 - The answer is no. You can only get it within the municipality or city where you reside. You can't apply for the document online either.

How To Open An RCBC Savings Bank MyWallet Account

Opening a MyWallet account with RCBC Savings Bank is something you should consider if you are looking for an easy and hassle-free banking experience. What’s great about MyWallet is that it has no minimum maintaining balance. Furthermore, you can use it for shopping online, for cash withdrawals, for paying your bills, and for transferring funds from various sources such as PayPal. That said, if you are an online worker or entrepreneur who receives funds from PayPal, this is an account that would fit perfectly with your work or business.

Here are the benefits of the RCBC MyWallet account and debit card:
1. It doesn’t have a maintaining balance. It’s even much lower compared to the maintaining balance of the EastWest Basic Savings Account which is 100 pesos. That said, when it comes to maintaining balance, RCBC wins over EastWest.
2. Availing of the card is easy and hassle-free because the bank has very minimal requirements. All you need to do is present a valid ID then fill up the enrolment or application form. You will even get the card on the same day that you applied. This is if the branch you enrolled in has a card printer. If it doesn’t have a printer, you will have to wait from 3 to 5 banking days. Remember that it’s “banking days” which means you will have to wait longer if holidays and weekends follow the day you applied.
3. The card is very affordable. All you need is 100 pesos to open your MyWallet account.
4. The card has no expiry date. That’s right, you don’t have to apply for renewals every few years. However, it’s worth mentioning here that you should actively use the card. Because if you don’t use the card for 12 months, the bank will start charging an inactivity fee of 200 pesos per month.

Here are the IDs that you can use when applying for an RCBC MyWallet Account/Debit Card:
1. Driver's License
2. Passport
3. Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID
4. Police Clearance
5. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
6. Postal ID
7. Barangay Certification
8. Voter's ID
9. Government Services and Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card
10. Philhealth Card
11. Social Security System (SSS) Card
12. Senior Citizen Card
13. OFW ID
14. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
15. Seaman's Book
16. Government Office ID (e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines)
17. Alien Certification of Registration / Immigrant Certificate of Registration
18. Home Development Mutual fund (HDMF) ID
19. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification
20. Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
21. Tax Identification (TIN) Card
22. Company IDs issued by government-owned companies
23. Other valid IDs issued by the Government and its instrumentalities

If you have a valid ID like any of those mentioned above, you can go directly to a branch of RCBC and enroll for a MyWallet card account. Just follow the instructions by the bank officer.
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