How Rich Is President Rodrigo Duterte Of The Philippines?

How rich exactly is Rodrigo Duterte, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines?

When Duterte filed his Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SALN) for 2015, he declared a total net worth of P23,514,569.93 as of December 31, 2015. This amount is P1,542,837.31 higher than the amount that he declared in his SALN for 2014.

The SALN for 2015 is composed of the following:
1) 480,000 pesos - four residential lots in Bago Aplaya, Davao City
2) 840,000 pesos - for two vehicles, a Volks Sedan (acquired in 1978) and a Toyota Rav 4 (acquired in 1996)
3) 925,000 pesos - three lots in Maa, Davao City
4) 14,839,569.93 pesos  - cash in hand
5) 350,000 pesos - household appliances and furniture sets
6) 300,000 - jewelry sets
7) 3,900,000 - investments
8) 3,080,000 - for two agricultural lots, two residential houses and lots, and a residential lot located in Matina, Malagos, and Catigan

Source: Sun Star Davao

How To Get A Postal ID In The Philippines

In this comprehensive guide, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about getting a new postal ID in the Philippines. I will show you the exact steps on how to avail of the ID as well as the requirements you must fulfill to ensure that you get the card as quickly as possible. The good thing about postal IDs is that you can get them in any post office in the country. It's one of the easiest and fastest to obtain identification cards in the Philippines. Since it's issued by the government, it's widely accepted as a means of identification in both public and private transactions. Most banks and other financial institutions in the country honor the ID as proof of identity for sensitive banking transactions.

Here are the steps you need to take in applying for a postal ID in the Philippines:
1. Get at least two copies of the application form. You can get them at the nearest postal office or you can download them from the PhilPost website.
2. Completely fill up the forms.
3. Gather all the requirements.
4. Submit the required documents for screening.
5. Go to the nearest PhilPost ID capture station to have your photo and fingerprints taken.
6. That's it. If you complete all of the above, all you need to do now is wait for the new ID card to be delivered to you. Delivery can take between 15 to 30 days.
7. If the card isn't delivered to you, visit the postal office where you applied to check the status of your card.

How much does a new postal ID cost?
According to the official website of the Philippine Postal Corporation (PhilPost), the price of a new Philippine postal ID is five hundred and four (504) pesos. The breakdown of the cost is as follows: 450 for the card including the delivery fee and 54 for the 12% value-added tax (VAT). According to PhilPost, this amount remains the same for all postal offices in the country. However, this doesn't seem to be true because some people are reporting that they paid more while others say that they paid less. In short, the fee for the card may either be higher or lower in your location.
How To Get The New Philippine Postal ID
How long will the ID be valid?
It will be valid for three (3) years starting from the day you received the card. This validity period applies to all Filipinos and for foreign residents who have a Special Retiree's Resident Visa or SRRV. For foreign residents who don't have an SRRV, the validity period is only one (1) year. You can see if your card is still valid or not by looking at the expiry date which is clearly imprinted on the card.

Here's the updated list of requirements when getting a postal ID in the Philippines:
1. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished application forms.
2. Proof of identity. (See below list of documents that are accepted by PhilPost as proof of identity.)
3. Proof of address. (See below list of documents that are accepted by PhilPost as proof of address.)

List of documents that are accepted by PhilPost as proof of identity:
1. Birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or local civil registry
2. GSIS or SSS UMID card
3. Driver's license
4. Passport
6. Baptismal certificate
7. Certificate of birth from the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP)
8. Certificate of birth from the National Commission for Muslim Filipinos (NCMF)
9. Certificate of marriage from the NCIP
10. Certificate of marriage from the NCMF
11. College or post-graduate transcript of records (TOR) with readable dry seal
12. Confirmation certificate
13. Elementary or high school form 137 with readable dry seal
14. Marriage certificate in SECPA issued by NSO
15. Marriage certificate issued by LCR
16. Alumni ID
17. School ID
18. Company ID
19. Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
20. NBI clearance bearing digitized photo
22. Pag-ibig ID
23. PhilHealth ID
24. PRC ID
25. Police clearance
26. Seaman's book
27. Senior citizen ID
28. Voter's ID

List of documents that are accepted by PhilPost as proof of address:
1. Barangay certificate of residency
2. Certified true copy of lease
3. School billing statement
4. Utility bill
5. Credit card statement
6. Bank statement
7. Certified true copy of real estate tax receipt
8. Certified true copy of titles issued by the Land Registration Authority (LRA)

Other important notes:
1. Married women should bring with them a marriage certificate in the event that they need to validate the change in their surname from the one one shown in their birth document.

Bangkok Ready Meme: The Origin Of The MMA Internet Meme

The phrase "Bangkok ready" is an internet meme that originated from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on YouTube. In the January 1, 2017 episode which featured Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub, and Joey Diaz as guests, Bravo narrated a story about a mixed martial artist named Gerald Strebendt who confidently believed that he was "Bangkok ready" after only six months of Muay Thai training. The particular segment in the podcast tackled the issue of striking coaches giving grapplers false confidence. Bravo used the case of Strebendt as an example.

Eddie Bravo's Narration of the Story
Back in 2003, Bravo was part of the team who trained Gerald Strebendt when he was preparing for his UFC debut against Josh Thomson. Bravo served as the team's Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach. According to Bravo, Strebendt had a Muay Thai coach who had Strebendt falsely believe that he's "Bangkok ready" after only six months of doing Muay Thai. Strebendt was so confident in his Muay Thai skills that he entered the octagon in full Muay Thai regalia. He wore a mongkol (headband) and a druang rang (arm band) when he made his way into the octagon. Bravo added that Strebendt did some Muay Thai rituals once he made it inside the octagon. Thomson won the bout by knocking out Strebendt in the very first round.

According to Bravo, Thomson told him sometime after the fight that he got very worried about Strebendt's standup after seeing all his Muay Thai rituals and antics during his entrance. In the Joe Rogan podcast, Bravo said that Thomson took Strebendt down to the ground because he was so worried about his Muay Thai.

The Fight
Right off the bat, Strebendt went for the takedown but Thomson stuffed it. Strebendt made another attempt but he ended up with his back on the mat with Thomson attacking him. Strebendt made it interesting on the ground by attempting several submissions but none of them were successful. About halfway through the round, Thomson threw a back-fist which caught the grounded Strebendt flush on the head. Thomson went for the finish with nasty ground and pound. Big John McCartney saw enough and halted the fight.

What happened to Gerald Strebendt after the Josh Thomson fight?
The Thomson bout is Strebendt's first and last fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He went on to fight in various MMA organizations before retiring in 2008. He retired with a record of nine wins and seven losses. Eight of his wins came by submissions. Thomson on the other hand went on to have fairly successful stints in the UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator. At one point, he became the Strikeforce lightweight champion after defeating Gilbert melendez in 2008.

Where to buy a Bangkok Ready t-shirt?
Your best option is to go online and seek out any of the stores that offer customized t-shirt printing services. Among the most popular of these stores are Zazzle, Redbubble, and Cafepress. These sites allow you to design your own t-shirt. Just upload your design or text and the site will do the rest. Make your order and the t-shirt will be delivered to your doorstep.

How to Get to Riverview Waterpark and Resort in Asin, Tuba, Benguet

This is a quick guide for those who are planning to go to the Riverview Waterpark and Resort which is located in Asin in the municipality of Tuba in Benguet. Before anything else, it’s worth mentioning here that contrary to popular belief, Riverview nor Asin is not part of Baguio City. Many people often make the wrong assumption that Asin is in Baguio City. The truth is that Asin is in Tuba which is one of the municipalities of the province of Benguet. With that information out of the way, let’s now go to how you can get to Riverview in Asin if you’re coming from Baguio City.

You have three main options of reaching the Riverview Resort. These are as follows:
1. Use your own private car. However, you should always stop along the way to inquire if you are on the right direction. The road that leads to Asin have quite a few junctions and intersections that might confuse you and cause you to get lost.
2. Ride a public utility jeepney. This is one of the most convenient ways to get to Riverview because the route of the jeep passes right beside the resort. The station for these jeepneys is located near the Baguio City Public Market. It’s just behind the Empire Cinema building in Abanao Square. If you are new in Baguio City, just ask around and they’ll point you how to get to the station. The station is also near the Baguio City Hall. The fare is only 30 pesos per person. The travel time from Baguio City to Asin will be between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the flow of vehicular traffic. Sometimes, if the road is devoid of traffic, the travel time can be as low as 20 minutes.
3. Hire a jeepney or a taxi. This is advisable if you don’t have your own car and you have a lot of company with a lot of baggage. Taxis won’t go there if the cost of fare will be based on the taxi’s meter. What you pay will depend on what you and the driver agree upon. The same can be said if you hire a jeepney.

Is Riverview Waterpark before or after the BenCab Museum?
It’s after the BenCab Museum. In fact, Riverview is probably around two or three kilometres away from the popular museum. Before you reach Riverview, you will have to go through two road tunnels. Riverview is located very near the end of the second tunnel. You shouldn’t miss it because there’s a big sign that says “Welcome to Riverview”.

How to Get Back to Baguio City from Riverview, Asin, Tuba
Unless you have your own service, your only option is to go to the highway and wait for a passenger jeepney to pass. However, you should keep in mind that jeepneys there don’t run 24/7. If it’s late in the afternoon, there are very few jeeps that go from Asin to Baguio City. That said, it’s still best to plan your exit transportation before you go to the resort

Pines City Doctors' Hospital Room Rates

It’s important that you are aware of the room rates at the Pines City Doctors Hospital if you have a family member who is going to be confined there. For a lot of patients in the hospital, a sizable amount of their expenses goes to room rent. Room rates at the hospital depend on the type of room and where it’s located. Below is a quick guide on these room rates. There’s the possibility that these rates may have changed or increased so it’s still advisable that you inquire at the nurse’s station.

Ward – 700 (in Philippine pesos)
Private rooms – range from 1,450 to 1,500
Deluxe rooms – range from 1,650 to 1,850
Suite rooms – 2,100
Intensive care unit (ICU) – 1,700
Surgical intensive care unit (SICU) – 1,700
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) – 1,700
Isolation rooms – range from 1,050 to 1,400
Mother-child room – 650
Nursery – 400
Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) – 1,000
Recovery room – 1st hour is 250and 150 for each succeeding hour
Orthopedic room – 1,400
Chemo room – range from 1,000 to 1,400

Here are a few reminders from the hospital when it comes to the settlement of your account:
1. For SSS, GSIS, OWWA, Sponsored, and Lifetime members and beneficiaries, kindly secure your PhilHealth insurance forms at windows 4 and 5 of the Hospital’s Business Office twenty four (24) hours upon admission. Prior to discharge, properly accomplished PHIC forms with complete required supporting documents must already be submitted to the PhilHealth clerks. Unaccomplished PHIC forms and incomplete supporting documents could lead to forfeiture of PhilHealth Inpatient Benefits.
2. For card-bearing members of private health insurance and or companies duly accredited by PCDH, present your Letter of Authorization (LOA) within twenty-four (24) hours from admission to date at window 1 of our Business Office.
3. For Senior Citizens covered by RA 9257, present appropriate ID to window 3 of Business Office before discharge date. Claim for discount after discharge date shall not be entertained.
4. As an SOP of the Hospital, please be informed that our collection staff conducts daily room visits to furnish you with your updated account and for appropriate action. Should you have additional inquiries or clarifications regarding your bill, kindly see our billing clerk at the Business Office.

Here are your rights as a patient inside the Pines City Doctors Hospital with regards to your treatment:
1. To receive treatment that is available and medically indicated regardless of race, religion or any other discrimination prohibited by law
2. To expect reasonable continuity of care and to be informed of available, realistic care and options when hospital care is no longer appropriate.
3. To be free from the use of restraints and or seclusion unless clinically necessary.
4. To receive emergency treatment regardless of ability to pay.
5. To have your needs for pain management addressed and treated.
6. To examine and receive an explanation of your bill regardless of source of payment.
7. To have information regarding your medical treatment explained to your family member or other appropriate individual when you are unable to participate in decisions about your care.
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