His Owner Left Him To Die...His Miraculous Recovery Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

His name is Patrick and he is a pit bull. As you can see, he is almost nothing but skin and bones. In all honesty, this picture is rather tame compared to his condition when he was found starving and on the brink of death at a garbage bin. You see, his owner mercilessly just dumped and left him at a garbage bin. Fortunately, kind people found the dog and brought him to a team of vets.

Here is Patrick after being brought at the vet's office.

And here's one of the staff feeding Patrick

Giving Patrick the love and hugs he badly needs.

Patrick, struggling and still suffering but slowly gaining back his strength.

Getting healthier and healthier by the day.

With one of the heroes who saved him.

Having some good fun outdoors.

Dozing off at the couch.

Patrick sporting a Santa hat.

And here's Patrick looking healthy and fit.

A Facebook page has been set up supporting Patrick's amazing story and inspiring people to be more kind to animals. You can visit the The Patrick Miracle Facebook page here. It's regularly updated with information about animals in need of help. There might be a dog nearby who's in need of your help.