Father Creates With His Own Hands A Fantastic Mask For His Son

A father who goes by the username Skissored on Reddit was asked by his young son to buy a mask for him. The son wanted one that's similar to the wooden mask featured on the movie The Mask starring Jim Carrey. The father can't find the mask in the stores because stores are only selling superhero masks. So he decided to create the mask himself. And what he made was simply amazing. It looks even better than the one featured in the movie.

The father documented the process on how he created the mask by taking photos as he made it. He then uploaded the photos on Imgur. Here's a repost of said photos. All photos and descriptions below are by Skissored via Imgur.

Made from Crayola Model Magic foam, I usually buy a big tub of it from Staples for about $12-$17 but I think Michaels and Wal-Mart sell individual packs for less.

Used a butter knife to get the lines.

Lay over a mannequin head to hold the shape and dry for a couple days, turning it over halfway through to dry both sides.

Ready to paint, I used acrylic I had around the house. Any brand of paint will do, it just comes down to personal preference.

The foam is still slightly squishy when dry so it will need a few layers of a hard clear coating to strengthen it. Painting first.

First layer of black paint to get the shadows in the cracks.

Dry brush over brown.

Then the green and gold.

The finished mask.