If It Rains Food, This Is What It Would Look Like

Two YouTube content creators, Steve Kardynal and Alex Negrete, have created a couple of videos that show them with food falling upon them. These include milk, sausages, hot dog buns, sliced onions, candy, noodles, tomato sauce, shredded cheese, eggs, waffles, mashed potatoes, green peas, and so much more.

Even though majority of the response by viewers of the videos are positive, a lot of people are criticizing it for its wastefulness. A common criticism is directed to the two creators for their audacity to publicly post such wastefulness when there are millions of people around the world who are starving.

Sensing these negative criticisms, Mr. Kardynal and Mr. Negrete have decided to use the videos to raise funds to be donated to charity. Their Raining for Charity page states "After releasing these videos we realized how much of a close personal and cultural issue that world hunger truly is and how many of us it affects. Because of this, we decided to use the exposure our videos receive as a tool to raise awareness and help save lives. Every human being deserves to have a chance to live a happy life, and even a little step is a step in the right direction."

As of the writing of this piece, the page has raised $250 out of their goal of $8,000.