Man Drinks A Whole Bottle Of Emperador In Under A Minute

This is just unbelievable. A man gulped down a whole bottle of Emperador brandy with just one swig. Before anything else, readers should be warned not to try this at home. No matter how good and efficient you are in taking alcoholic beverages, this isn't something worth trying to do. Besides, the man in the video has clearly done it before.

But let's give credit to where it's due. This man is to be patted in the back for the courage to attempt such a thing. But it's a rather risky act and let's just hope the man has the healthiest liver in the world because if he doesn't and he keeps on doing this act, he'll soon have to pay for it.

Emperador may not be the strongest drink out there but a whole bottle can put two or three people down. This man chugged it down in under a minute and acted like nothing happened. It makes for an entertaining and interesting video but it's something not worth trying, especially for those who don't have strong stomachs for alcoholic beverages.