Man Cutting A Tree Limb With A Chainsaw Sent Flying Through the Air By The Falling Tree Limb

"Get out of there guys. I don't want to hit anybody. Is everybody good?" These were the words uttered by a man before he started cutting a tree limb while atop a ladder. The next thing he knew, he was sent flying through the air after the cut and falling tree limb hit him. The moment was captured on video by a woman watching the tree cutting. It was uploaded on YouTube by Kurt Stepp, a co-worker of the man in the video.

According to The Blaze, they've reached out to Stepp and inquired about his co-worker if he's okay. Stepp replied laughing and saying that the man is okay and fine. Not a broken bone was suffered by the man.

From comments posted by viewers on the video on YouTube, it seems that the man was cutting the tree libm the wrong way. Carl Scruggs chimed in with the following advice:

"Wow. Seriously, your coworker is not going to survive for very long if he doesn't start:
1. Roping himself off at 15-feet heights.
2. Not standing on the very top rung of a barely-secured ladder
3. Making a bottom cut first
4. Not trying to cut above his own height, and, for fuck's sake
5. Not trying to use a chainsaw one-handed"