GoPro-Wearing Cyclist Gets Robbed At Gunpoint. Luckily The Robbers Didn't Know What A GoPro Is.

Notice to robbers who prey on cyclists: Before you rob one, make sure you know what a GoPro is and what it does. Malcolm Fox, with a GoPro camera strapped to his safety helmet, was cycling through a wooded area in Somerset West, South Africa when a man waving a handgun came out of nowhere and ordered him off his bike.

The first man was then joined by two other men. They took Fox's cellphone, car keys, Oakley sunglasses, and bike. They then let go of Fox and told him to go through the opposite direction. And then they escaped.

Luckily for Fox, the robbers didn't seem to know what a GoPro is. One of the robbers appeared to stare at the camera for a moment but then didn't think much about it. They let Fox go without taking the contraption attached to his helmet.

The footage of the robbery was given to the police which led to the arrest of the three suspects. The items they stole were recovered and given back to Fox.

A GoPro is a wearable video camera which is popular among outdoor enthusiasts like cyclists and mountain climbers. It's an effective device for recording action without you having to hold the camera in your hands.