Rare And Collectible Merchandise From The James Randi Documentary 'An Honest Liar'

If you are a fan of the Amazing James Randi, you might want to check out these cool items being sold in connection with the film documentary An Honest Liar. The official website for the film is selling these rare collectibles. Pictured below are the custom-designed and etched wood coasters and decks of cards. Also on sale are signed movie posters, signed books, and rare posters from Randi's early years as a magician. You can check them all out here.

An Honest Liar is a "film about deception, told through Randi’s life and acts using never-before-seen historical footage and many of the original people involved. The film also follows Randi and his partner through this latest dramatic – and potentially devastating – twist in their lives." It just won the Audience Award for Best Feature in the annual AFI DOCS, the American Film Institute’s 12th documentary film festival in the Washington, DC.