Is This Set Of Questions From A Philippine Public School Promoting Discrimination?

A photo of a quiz set allegedly taken from a public school in Quezon City is being lambasted by netizens for being discriminatory. Uploaded on Facebook by Renato Reyes Jr., the quiz asks pupils whether an activity is done by men or women. The question goes "Lagyan ng "CHECK" kung ang gawain ay panlalaki at "EKIS" kung ito ay pambabae?" Among the five activities listed is "pag-aararo sa bukid".

According to the school, the correct answer should be a "CHECK" which implies that cultivating a field is exclusive to men. Below is a copy of the quiz. What are your thoughts about it? The question is obviously sexist. The big question is is the question taken from a standard quiz? Was it taken from a textbook? Or was it a question made by a single teacher?

If the question is from a textbook, it definitely needs to be modified. If the question was made by a single teacher, then that teacher needs to be taught something about writing questions that don't discriminate against a particular gender group. Although gender inequality isn't a huge problem in the Philippines, it's this kinds of questions that plant the seeds of discrimination among children.
Photo by Renato Reyes Jr. via Facebook.