Biker Narrowly Escapes Death In A Road Accident Involving A Delivery Truck And A Car

Not many people get to brag that they have escaped death, not only once, but twice. A man in Russia earned such bragging rights when he got involved in a road accident wherein he nearly got swept by an oncoming car and then a delivery truck. The two vehicles sustained great damage while the man escaped with only a few bruises.

The unidentified man was cycling through an intersection somewhere in Moscow, Russia when a speeding red car seemed to go straight at him. The car got clipped by a delivery truck that's coming from another lane. The two speeding vehicles were just a hair away from smashing into the cyclist.

The incident was captured on video by a roadway camera. It's difficult to see who could be at fault. The cyclist may be the least culpable as he was using the pedestrian lane (unless there's a law in Russia prohibiting such an action) and he was moving slowly. The delivery truck and the car seemed to be moving too fast given the fact that they were approaching an intersection, not to mention the pedestrian lane. Watch the full video of the accident below.
Netizens who have seen the video are quick to point out that the intersection seemed to be lacking in safety signs or personnel. For instance, how will the driver of the deliver truck know that there was an incoming car just around the corner with the absence of a traffic enforcer or at least a street sign to guide him? Still, that cyclist remains as one of the luckiest men to ever live. And he's got a great story in his pocket to carry to and tell in parties.

Fortunately, not one person was seriously hurt during the incident. Although the cyclist seemed to have ended up with a wrecked bicycle, he was alright. Shocked by how he narrowly escaped death, he sat on the pavement for a while before he stood up to check on the driver of the delivery truck which overturned just several feet away from him.