Young Goose Aggressively Tries To Play With A White Cat. The Cat Wants None Of It.

Geese have built for themselves a reputation for being rather nasty and confrontational. They often attack anything that moves near them. They attack people too. Go to YouTube. There are hundreds of videos on there of geese chasing and mauling things from dogs, to swimmers, to golfers. Watching these videos, you feel thankful that evolution didn't give these big birds hands that can hold knives or any other weapon. If it did, humanity will be in serious trouble.

There's the misconception that only adult geese have the inclination and capability to attack other creatures. As the video below portrays, young geese can be very nasty too. A white cat wants to simply lie and stretch on the pavement. But then this aggressive baby goose comes around and starts nibbling all over the cat's body. The cat rightfully tries to get away but the goose is persistent.

It's surprising to see the cat react the way it did. It screamed a few times during the ordeal signaling that it experienced pain from the goose's nibbling. But it maintained its composure and never resorted to responding in a violent manner. It's the most reserved cat you will ever encounter.

The goose eventually stopped its nibbling. Probably because of the presence of another cat. A black one. It would've been interesting to see the goose try its gimmick on the black cat. The black one may not have the patience and reservation of the white one. In such a scenario, the scene would've been very different. Unfortunately, the video ended right then and we didn't get to see the possibility that the black cat mauled the goose for all its shenanigans.