List Of Names Of The Special Action Force (SAF) Policemen Killed In Action In Maguindanao

This is a partial list. We will be updating it as more information trickles in. As you can see, there are only 41 entries which is contrary to what is being reported by major news outlets. Some reports are saying that the casualties are over 50. Some are reporting figures that are below 40. For more information about what transpired in Maguindanao on Sunday (January 25), go here or here.

1. PSI Gednat Tabde
2. PSI RYan Pabalinas
3. PSI Garamnbas Tria
4. PI Rennie Tyrus - missing
5. SPO1 Lover Inocencio
6. PO3 Rodrigo Acob, Jr.
7. PO3 Virgil Villanueva
8. PO2 Roger Cordero
9. PO2 Peterson Carap
10. PO2 Nicky Nacino, Jr.
11. PO1 Angel Kodiamat
12. PO2 Glenn Bedua
13. PO3 Noel Golocan
14. PO2 Jerry Kayob
15. PO2 Noel Balaca
16. PO1 Romeo Cempron
17. Po2 Joel Dulnuan
18. PO2 Christopher Lalan
19. PO2 Walner F. Danao
20. PO2 Franklin C. Danao
21. PO2 Omar A. Nacionales
22. PO2 Godofredo B. Cabanlit Candano
23. PO1 Russel B. Bilog
24. PO1 Loreto Capinding
25. PO3 Junrel Kibete
26. PO1 Gringo Cayang-o
27. PO2 Rodel Ramacula
28. PO1 Joseph Sagonoy
29. PO3 John lloyd R. Sumbilla
30. PO2 Chum Agabon
31. PO3 RObert Allaga
32. PO1 Mark Lory Clemencio
33. PO1 Oliebeth I. Viernes
34. PO2 Richelle S. Baluga
35. PO3 Andres V. Duque
36. PO3 Jedz-in A. Asjali
37. PO2 Amman M. Esmula
38. PO3 Victoriano N. Acain
39. PI Joey S. Gamutan
40. PI John Garry A. Erana
41. PSI Cyrus P. Anniban