Noli Me Tangere Chapter 2 Summary

Long summary:
Captain Tiago, the host of the evening party, enters the living room with Don Crisostomo Ibarra. Tiago introduces Ibarra as the son of his deceased friend. He also tells the group that Ibarra just arrived from Europe.

Father Damaso is petrified by the entrance and appearance of Ibarra. When the latter introduces himself to the priest and alludes to a friendship between the priest and his late father, the priest responded by saying "your father was never a close friend of mine".

Ibarra immediately withdraws the hand that he extended towards Father Damaso. In that instant, the Teniente asks Ibarra if he is the son of Don Rafael Ibarra. The young man acknowledged the question.

The Teniente tells the young Ibarra that he met and knew his father and that he was one of the country's most honorable men. Ibarra replied by thanking him and hinting that he doesn't know what caused his father's death. The Teniente gets emotional and hurries to leave.

Ibarra introduces himself to a group of ladies but he generated no response so he leaves and joins a group of young men instead.

A man approaches Ibarra and introduces himself as Captain Tinong of Tondo. Tinong invites Ibarra for lunch at his house in Tondo but the latter politely declines saying he is leaving for San Diego first thing in the morning.

An attendant informs everyone at the party that dinner has been served. The guests start proceeding towards the dining hall.

Short summary:
Captain Tiago appears at the party with Crisostomo Ibarra whom he starts introducing to some guests. Father Damaso isn't too happy about the young Ibarra's presence in the gathering. In a conversation with the Teniente, Ibarra hints that he is still in the dark with regards to what has befallen his father, the late Don Rafael Ibarra.