How to Get to Riverview Waterpark and Resort in Asin, Tuba, Benguet

This is a quick guide for those who are planning to go to the Riverview Waterpark and Resort which is located in Asin in the municipality of Tuba in Benguet. Before anything else, it’s worth mentioning here that contrary to popular belief, Riverview nor Asin is not part of Baguio City. Many people often make the wrong assumption that Asin is in Baguio City. The truth is that Asin is in Tuba which is one of the municipalities of the province of Benguet. With that information out of the way, let’s now go to how you can get to Riverview in Asin if you’re coming from Baguio City.

You have three main options of reaching the Riverview Resort. These are as follows:
1. Use your own private car. However, you should always stop along the way to inquire if you are on the right direction. The road that leads to Asin have quite a few junctions and intersections that might confuse you and cause you to get lost.
2. Ride a public utility jeepney. This is one of the most convenient ways to get to Riverview because the route of the jeep passes right beside the resort. The station for these jeepneys is located near the Baguio City Public Market. It’s just behind the Empire Cinema building in Abanao Square. If you are new in Baguio City, just ask around and they’ll point you how to get to the station. The station is also near the Baguio City Hall. The fare is only 30 pesos per person. The travel time from Baguio City to Asin will be between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the flow of vehicular traffic. Sometimes, if the road is devoid of traffic, the travel time can be as low as 20 minutes.
3. Hire a jeepney or a taxi. This is advisable if you don’t have your own car and you have a lot of company with a lot of baggage. Taxis won’t go there if the cost of fare will be based on the taxi’s meter. What you pay will depend on what you and the driver agree upon. The same can be said if you hire a jeepney.

Is Riverview Waterpark before or after the BenCab Museum?
It’s after the BenCab Museum. In fact, Riverview is probably around two or three kilometres away from the popular museum. Before you reach Riverview, you will have to go through two road tunnels. Riverview is located very near the end of the second tunnel. You shouldn’t miss it because there’s a big sign that says “Welcome to Riverview”.

How to Get Back to Baguio City from Riverview, Asin, Tuba
Unless you have your own service, your only option is to go to the highway and wait for a passenger jeepney to pass. However, you should keep in mind that jeepneys there don’t run 24/7. If it’s late in the afternoon, there are very few jeeps that go from Asin to Baguio City. That said, it’s still best to plan your exit transportation before you go to the resort