Mt. Kalugong Entrance Fee, Registration Fee

Before you can roam the entirety of Mt. Kalugong, you are required to pay the entrance/registration fee of 50 pesos per person. Just enter the park and you will be met by the person collecting the fees. You will be asked to enter your name and address on their logbook. After paying for the entrance fee, you are free to roam the premises, climb the rock formations, enjoy the swings, eat at any of the picnic tables, and ride the zip line. Using the zip line is free.

If you’re wondering how to get to Mt. Kalugong, you have two options. There are two entry points to the park. Your first option is to ride a jeepney from Baguio City and get off in barangay Cruz. The entrance to the road leading up to Mt. Kalugong is visible along the highway. Make sure that the jeepney you ride from Baguio City goes to either Tomay or Cruz in La Trinidad. If you don’t know where to get off, just tell the driver to drop you off at the entrance to Mt. Kalugong in barangay Cruz. Most drivers know the place.

Your second option is to ride a jeepney from Baguio City, get off in Pines Park just in front of Tiong San La Trinidad, and ride another jeep that goes to Lubas/Tawang. Again, you should tell the driver to drop you off at the trail that leads to Mt. Kalugong.

Here are the rates in using the facilities inside the park. Take note that these facilities are optional. Using the swings, riding the zip line, having picnics on the tables, and climbing the rock formations are free.

Hut – 250 pesos a day
Hut with beddings – 600 pesos a night (hut is good for two persons only)
Extra person – 200 pesos per person
Poor Man’s Cabin – 250 pesos per day
Poor Man’s Cabin with Beddings – 500 pesos per night (hut is good for two persons only)
Extra person – 200 pesos per person
Bonfire – 40 pesos per head (from 6 pm to 10 pm)

Things to Remember When Inside the Park
1. Do not smoke cigarettes, chew/spit “moma” inside the park.
2. You are not allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages inside the park. This include beer and wine.
3. Graffiti and vandalism are strictly prohibited. Don’t write on the trees, picnic tables, and rock formations.
4. The park doesn’t let animals and pets like cats and dogs inside the premises. The park has its own cats, dogs, and chickens. Bringing in your own pets may cause conflict amongst or against the resident pets.
5. Never uproot nor cut plants, flowers, and trees inside the park.
6. Don’t dump your garbage anywhere. Always bring a plastic bag with you where you can put your litter.

In conclusion, Mt. Kalugong is a beautiful place that you and your friends or family can enjoy together. The park also has its own coffee shop where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, cupcakes, and cakes. The coffee shop has a view deck where you can see the La Trinidad Valley.

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