The Easter School Hymn and Loyalty Song (Baguio City)

The Easter School Hymn

Far above the sultry stillness
Of the lowland clime
Up among the mountain breezes
‘Mid the rocks and pine
Where the rivers flow so swiftly and the air is cool
Grows a pant both young and thrifty
Our own Easter School

Wave ye treetops blow ye breezes
Join our chorus too
Sing we one and all our praises
To our Easter School

Learned be all the lessons taught us
By our teachers true
Prized be all the friendships made here
Both the old and new
Hail to thee our school we’ll ever
Loud thy praises swell
We shall never cease to love thee
Tho’ we say farewell

The Easter School Loyalty Song

Lead on, Easter College, lead on
Onward to your vision, pursue your mission
By your side we shall stand
Lifting your name through the land

Easter College,
We wave your banner high
Our hopes for you will never die
Count on us,
True and faithful we shall be
We pledge to you our loyalty

The prestige that you merit, keep up
We’ll always be behind you
To uphold your honor
Through some storms come and go
Trusting in God we’ll get through

A Brief History of Easter College in Baguio City
Easter College was established in 1906. It is the first school established in Baguio City. The first students were 8 Igorot boys. The schools has a sprawling campus. Pupils are blest with a wide campus and play fields surrounded by pine trees, eucalyptus trees, and bamboos. It occupies a wide area of 8 hectares. The land and all the buildings belong to the E.C.P. – Episcopal Diocese of the North Central Philippines.

The Seal

The Inverted Miter – The miter as worn by the highest ranking officer of the Diocese, the Bishop, symbolizes his over-all presence as the guiding figure of Diocesan institutions like Easter College. Its inverted position signifies the church’s upliftment of the greater number of the population as its priority in its ministry.

The Cross – The cross in the middle of the seal radiates as the central focal point of the school’s embracing of the Christian faith. Guided by the tenets of Christianity, its vision-mission-goals are pursued.

The Star – Like a guiding star, the vision of Easter College steers the institution towards its realization. A vision of building a society where people exemplify themselves as Christians through values of love, respect, justice, responsibility and self-reliance.

Torch – As light liberates us from darkness, so does the torch of knowledge and from the darkness of ignorance. As it had always been, Easter College provides that light illuminating the way to academic excellence and wholistic learning.

Laurel Leaves – In ancient Greece and Rome, the laurel tree symbolized victory and merit, and its leaves were often made into wreaths, which were used to crown heroes. The prestige that the laurel leaves stood for then is the same for now as Easter College continues to maintain excellence not only in the arena of academics but in the development of life’s skills as well.

Phoenix – Legend tells us of the bird that had a life span of 500 years, at the end of which time the phoenix builds its own funeral pyre and a new phoenix then rises from the ashes. The long life of the phoenix, and its dramatic rebirth from its own ashes, made it a symbol of immorality and spirituality. In the symbolism of Christian religion, the phoenix stands for resurrection and immortality. Resurrection is the very essence of Easter.

The phoenix sitting atop the miter symbolizes the school’s fulfilling the Easter essence of the Resurrection, providing hope and life for mankind. The school’s mission captures the essence as it participates in a dynamic process of social transformation towards a just, peaceful and humane society.

The Vision and Mission of Easter School in Baguio City

As a Christian institution, Easter College envisions to be a community center for the sharing of ideas and resources, whether human or material, through formal and non-formal education programs. As such, its mission is to equip any ;earner whether child or adult, with the desired knowledge, skills and values thereby making him a productive and a responsive moral agent for institutional change and community transformation towards a just, humane and compassionate society.