Book Stores in Baguio City: Where to Buy New and Used Books in the City of Pines

If you are in Baguio City and you feel the urge to go book hunting, worry not, because the city has you covered. Baguio City isn't a large city but it's home to a good number of book stores. Whether you are just passing through or you have plans on becoming a resident, the city can provide you with all the good reads you need.

The book shops you can find in Baguio City are a good mix of independent used book shops and a couple of established bookstore chains. So whether you are looking for cheap used books or brand new copies of the latest releases, the city has you covered. 

Without further ado, here's a quick roundup of the bookstores you can find in Baguio City.

1. Bookends

This is an independent store that sells all types of books. They sell mostly used copies but these are often in great condition and are very cheap. For example, a book that sells brand new at a nearby mall for 765 pesos, you can buy it at Bookends for below 300 pesos.

Bookends sell their books both offline and online. Their physical store is very accessible because it's just a stone's throw away from Session Road. If you don't have the time to visit their store, you can always follow their Facebook page because they regularly upload titles there. They usually list new titles on their page a few times a day. 

They also ship outside Baguio City. This means you can order books from them even if you are in, say, Manila or Cebu City. 

I highly recommend that you visit their shop to truly appreciate the selection of books they have in their inventory. You will realize that the titles they sell are carefully curated and hand-picked. The bookshop also serves as an art gallery for a group of Baguio-based visual artists. This group calls themselves the Pasakalye Group of Artists. You can find their works displayed on the walls of the book store.

Location/address - Ground Floor, UCPB Building, T. Claudio Street, Baguio City

2. BooksNook

This is a bookstore very similar to Bookends. They also sell all sorts of used books. The last time I've been to the shop, it also had an adjoining cafe where you can order and drink coffee while you browse and read books.

However, because of the pandemic, their physical store has temporarily closed. When I tried to visit the shop a few months ago, their doors were closed which means they are not yet open for business.

Be that as it may, they still sell books online through their official Facebook page. Just search for BooksNook on Facebook to find their page. They upload titles for sale nearly everyday. And these are often heavily discounted. 

They also ship outside Baguio City. 

Location/address - 4th Floor, Center Mall, Magsaysay Avenue

3. Fully Booked

Fully Booked is a bookstore chain in the Philippines. With that said, if you are looking for brand new books or for the latest releases, Fully Booked is where you should go. Of course, since this is a chain store and they sell brand new books, the books are usually expensive. 

Location/address - 3rd Floor, SM Baguio

4. National Bookstore

National Bookstore is without a doubt the largest bookstore chain in the Philippines. They have two branches in Baguio City. One is located at SM Baguio and the other one is located at Abanao Square. 

However, National Bookstore's book inventory has noticeably decreased during the past few years. They don't carry as much books as they used to. Their stores seem to be focusing more on selling school supplies. Their shelves for books have shrunk and their inventories are getting smaller and smaller.

Another thing I've noticed with National Bookstore's branches in Baguio City is that it takes a long time for them to replenish their book shelves. So it could be weeks before you see new titles on their shelves. 

I may be wrong but I have the feeling that the chain is slowly transitioning to a "school supplies only" store. I hope I'm wrong. 

5. BookSale

BookSale is a bookstore chain and they have dozens of branches all over the Philippines. They specialize in used books. They are my favorite bookstore and I see to it that I visit a branch at least once a week. 

They used to have two branches in Baguio City. One in SM Baguio and one inside Porta Vaga along Session Road. However, the latter closed as a direct effect of the pandemic. So the only branch remaining in the city is the one located at the top floor of SM Baguio.

Before the pandemic, BookSale has new stocks every week. Sometimes, they even replenish their shelves twice a week. With the effects of the pandemic, the branch in Baguio City now replenishes their shelves like once every two weeks. So I don't go there as often as I used to.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for good books at very affordable prices, BookSale is the place to go.

6. TCS Books Baguio

This is an "online only" bookstore and they don't have an extensive inventory but I love them because of the curated titles they sell. Their angle seems to be on non-fiction books so if you are looking for non-fiction books on any genre, it's a good place to start looking. 

They sell their books on Facebook. Just search for TCS Books Baguio to find their page. They also ship outside Baguio City. I've been following their page and they usually list books nearly daily. And these are dirt cheap as well. 

7. Mt. Cloud Bookshop

This bookshop is unique and beautiful. I'd say it's the best bookshop in the city. The moment you enter the shop, you will realize right away that it was created by someone who genuinely loves books. The titles on the shelves, how these are arranged, and the overall ambiance "breathe books". 

The shop focuses on Philippine literature so majority of their books are Filipiniana. The shop is also known for their literary events. They conduct literary events like poetry readings, writing workshops, and author meet-and-greets. You should follow their Facebook page to be updated about their upcoming events.

Location/address - 001 Yangco Road, Corner Brent Road