Romeo Catacutan: a Businessman from Pampanga Making Waves on TikTok

Romeo Catacutan is a business owner based in Pampanga who has a huge following on the social media site TikTok. As of this writing, he already has nearly 350,000 active and avid followers. That number will surely grow in leaps and bounds as he continues to upload interesting short videos about his daily life and about his various business ventures within Pampanga.

The videos that Romeo Catacutan uploads are usually snippets of himself as he runs his businesses most especially his farm where he has poultries and fisheries. He usually records himself as he goes around his farms but a lot of his videos are also taken by someone. Probably a videographer he hired ( he can obviously afford a personal videographer) or one of his employees he instructed to take videos of him.

The videos are simple, direct, and random. That's what makes them very interesting. It gives people a chance to look into the daily life of a wealthy owner of a huge and profitable farm. One moment, Catacutan is enjoying a breakfast of eggs, sinigang, and fish. The next moment he's at one of the fisheries casting nets and dragging in schools of fresh fish.

Not only does Catacutan shows life at the farm but he also goes into the nuances of running a successful farm business. Farm owners or entrepreneurs planning to go into farming should watch Catacutan and learn from how he runs his business. The videos may be random and short but there's a lot of business lessons that can be learned from them. 

Based on the videos, it seems like Catacutan nearly works full-time or at least dedicate most of his time at his farm. His uploads on TikTok are quite fast and regular. Sometimes, he even posts several videos a day. 

Aside from his videos of life at his farm, Catacutan doesn't talk much about the financial side of his businesses. For example, he doesn't talk about his net worth. However, it's understandable that he doesn't talk about these. After all, these are sensitive business and financial information. Not everything should be divulged on social media. 

Watching his videos, anyone can see that Romeo Catacutan is a humble and caring business owner. You can see that in the ways he treats his workers and employees. He often takes videos of himself cooking for his workers. That's admirable and that's one of the reasons why thousands of Filipinos find him endearing so they follow him on TikTok.

In some of his videos, Catacutan showed that he also owns and operates a resort somewhere in Pampanga. 

In short, Romeo Catacutan is a very interesting fellow. His videos are worth watching and you can learn a lot of business lessons from them - from the way he runs his poultries and fisheries to the way he treats his employees. He's a very inspiring man, to say the least. The guy should write a Romeo Catacutan biography. It will be interesting to learn how he built his businesses and turn himself into a very wealthy man. Now that's a book I'd read in a heartbeat. 

If you perform a Google search for Romeo Catacutan, there's not much information out there about him. He also doesn't have a Wikipedia page. That might change sooner or later as his popularity continues to grow courtesy of his sizable following on TikTok.