The Disappearance of Merton T. Fesway

Merton T. Fesway is an agent for the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) who disappeared and was last seen on June 25, 2021 in Angeles City, Pampanga. He was 38 years old at the time of his disappearance. Fesway was allegedly abducted by state forces. Fesway is from the town of Bontoc in Mt. Province. Assigned in Pampanga, Fesway has been a part of the series of anti-illegal drugs operations in the province.

The Alleged Abduction
Early reports about the case say that Fesway was abducted by state forces outside the PDEA office in Angeles City. This raises several questions. Who are saying that he was abducted? Who saw the abduction? These eyewitness or eyewitnesses, how did they know that those who abducted Fesway were state agents?

Furthermore, since the incident occurred outside the PDEA offices, wasn't it caught on camera (CCTV)? Surely, the PDEA offices and outside premises are being monitored by CCTV cameras? So far, it hasn't been divulged yet if the incident was caught on camera.

Edit: The abduction was reportedly caught on camera. Investigators were provided with footage purportedly showing Fesway being boarded into a white van.

Initial Investigation
On June 28, a lawyer from the Public Attorney's Office (PAO) wrote a letter to PDEA Region III Director Christian Frivaldo inquiring on the disappearance of Fesway. The lawyer informed Frivaldo that Fesway was not in the custody of police stations in Angeles City, Dau, and Mabalacat.

The PAO was also informed by the Angeles City Prosecutor's Office that there was no case filed against Fesway from the date of his abduction onwards. 

Potentially Related Case
Also reported to have disappeared are three residents of Baguio City who were supposed to meet with Fesway in Angeles City on June 25. This was the day Fesway was allegedly abducted. The three men have been identified as Mark Wilson Agustin, Bernardino Culala, and Jeffrey Casampol.

The Disappearing Asset
A PDEA asset who worked with Fesway has also disappeared. This same asset has informed Fesway's family of the latter's disappearance. After divulging the information, the asset can no longer be contacted.