A.E. Litiatco: Writer, Poet

A.E. Litiatco is a Filipino writer and poet. Together with A.R. Laudico, Litiatco wrote the screnplay for the film Amapola (1948). Produced by Sampaguita Pictures and directed by Tor Villano, the film starred Paraluman, Oscar Moreno, and Lillian Leonardo.


It Isn't Just Horses: Selected Stories (1973)



My dear, my dear, canst though resolve for me
This paradox of love concerning thee:
Mine eyes, when opened, with thy beauty fill - 
But when they're closed they see the better still.


To a Herrickose Swain

If you dare ask no kiss,
And dare not beg a smile,
Nor sue that, or this,
She'll grow bored the while.
And if you merely hope
To kiss the air that kissed her,
You'll get the air, you dope - 
And she a smarter mister!

Two-Volume Novel
Lord of Creation