The Short Stories of N.V.M. Gonzales

N.V.M. Gonzales has released seven (7) collections of his short stories. His first book of short fiction, Seven Hills Away and Other Stories, was published in 1947 in the United States (Denver, Colorado) by Allan Swallow Press. His final short story collection, A Grammar of Dreams and Other Stories was published by the University of the Philippines Press in 1997. This was the same year that Gonzales was proclaimed as a National Artist of the Philippines. Gonzales died two years later on November 28, 1999.

Here's a quick list of Gonzales's published short story collections:

1. "The Tomato Game".1992
2. A Grammar of Dreams and Other Stories. University of the Philippines Press, 1997
3. The Bread of Salt and Other Stories. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1993; University of the Philippines Press, 1993
4. Mindoro and Beyond: Twenty-one Stories. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 1981; New Day, 1989
5. Selected Stories. Denver, Colorado: Alan Swallow, 1964
6. Look, Stranger, on this Island Now. Manila: Benipayo, 1963
7. Children of the Ash-Covered Loam and Other Stories. Manila: Benipayo, 1954; Bookmark Filipino Literary Classic, 1992

Seven Hills Away and Other Stories (1947) - This is the book that introduced Gonzales's short fiction to a wider global audience. Alan Swallow, an American English professor and publisher, printed the book because he believed that Gonzales's stories about Filipino lives is worth sharing to an American audience.