Cordillera Hymn - Song Lyrics, Meaning, and Explanation

These are the lyrics for the official Cordillera Hymn song. The music and lyrics for the song were written and composed by Julia Saganib and Juanita Madarang.

Cradled by majestic mountains
Blest with nature’s flowing fountains
Blooming flow’rs and verdant hills
Is a region of murmuring rills

- This stanza describes the natural wonders of the Cordillera region. The region is rich with green hills, verdant mountains, and numerous waterfalls. Cordillera is home to the famous Mt. Pulag which is located within the town of Kabayan. "Rills" are brooks or streams. If you have been near a brook or stream, the sound that the flowing water makes sounds like "murmuring".

Here dwell freedom loving people
Strong our bond it’s hard to topple
For our freedom we rise and fight
Our priceless ancestral birth right.

- Cordillerans have been free since time immemorial. Colonists like the Spaniards and the Americans have never completely subjugated Cordillerans the way they subjugated other peoples in the Philippines. Cordillerans have fought for their ancestral birth right and they've won most of the time.


Cordillera, region of wonder hail
Beloved land, your name we shall not fail
Honor and fame to you well strive to bring
Your glory won, we shall forever sing.

- A region as wonderful and blessed as the Cordillera region deserves honor, fame, and glory. With that said, all Cordillerans should strive towards bringing honor to the region.

'Neath the sky the rains may gather
Angry clouds may craz'ly wander
But the sun shines forever fair
As we climb up the golden stair.

- This stanza describes courage and resilience. These are attributes that can be found in Cordillerans. Challenges and difficulties may be on the path but Cordillerans will still find ways to deal with these challenges and difficulties.

Dreams of peace of oneness and progress
Cherished goals our region presses
Striving to build a brighter down
For our children to call their own

- This describes the division that still lingers among tribes in the Cordillera region. There is still the strong presence of rebels in the Cordillera mountains. This stanza speaks of the dreams and the hopes that these divisions will be resolved so that all Cordillerans will finally live together in peace and harmony. Peace and harmony are needed to ensure a better and brighter future for upcoming generations.

(Repeat chorus.)