Morning by Conchitina Cruz (Poem) - Literary and Critical Analysis

by Conchitina Cruz

You never know when somebody will walk away from you on a bright day on a busy street, never looking back and

you cannot believe the slow disappearance, cannot believe what is moving away from your reach until the busy street no longer needs its presence to look the same, because it is the same.

And the city offers you its fruits and fish, and the churchgoers lift their veils as they step out in the open

and you know the picture is incomplete but it can stand for itself

and who are you to ask for more, who are you to insist on hunger?


I love this poem. It's one of those poems that easily reminds you of what it means and what it feels to be beautiful. But here's the thing. It's a beautiful poem but it's also sad and lonely. But that's life right? It can be beautiful and sad all at the same time.

I like how Cruz titled her poem "Morning" which immediately reminds the reader of sunshine, of beauty, of warmth, of new beginnings, of new adventures. But what does she write in the first few lines? She writes about loss, about somebody walking away, about the unexpectedness of life. You never know what's waiting for you no matter how beautiful the morning is.

I'd like to think that by "slow disappearance", she meant the slow realization that that somebody has decided to walk away from you. That slow realization that occurs between your initial shock and your acceptance that that somebody indeed just walked away from you.

With that somebody gone, your existence is back to being alone with your city. You're back to accepting the fruits and fish that the city has to offer. You are back to noticing the most mundane things like churchgoers lifting their veils as they exit houses of worship.