Bauko Hymn Song Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official hymn song of the town of Bauko in Mountain Province. The title of the hymn is Bauko Forever. It was composed by Elsie Padeo. The lyrics have English and Kankana-ey versions.

English Version

Nestled in the stately mountains of the Highland fair
Where the pine trees, lilies, orchids, send out scents so rare
Tis the headwaters of four rivers, their icy waterfalls flow
Giving life to land and creatures, as they downward go

Brothers join our throng with fervor
Lift your voices in song
Bless, O God, our Bauko ever
Keep her people strong

Yonder dwell its sturdy people, rising at break of dawn
Tending rice fields in their splendor, built with walls of stone
Vegetables by the truckloads they gather
And luscious fruits their maidens sell
Where the deer runs and birds twitter, glad their stories tell

Kankana-ey Version

Wada ili ad kabiligan, agyod ay om-omayan
Men seng-ew da nan kakkaiwan, napno as nan makan
Shay malpowan ad-ado ay ginawang
Kalinga, Benguet, ya Apayao, ya ad Pangasinan

Bantayam Apo nanBauko
Sumyaan nan ad-ado

Menpaekipogaonadadlo, bomangon da รข€˜snan tan-o
Payew da et ad-ado, agamangmapno
Adiyolinglinglingan nan Bauko, naiposgan da alapo
No teken ay iliomayanyo, mentauli kayo

About the Town of Bauko

Bauko is a municipality in Mountain Province. It's composed of 22 barangays. These are Tapapan, Sinto, Sadsadan, Poblacion, Otucan Sur, Otucan Norte, Mount Data, Monamon Sur, Monamon Norte, Mayag, Mabaay, Leseb, Lagawa, Guinzadan Sur, Guinzadan Norte, Guinzadan Central, Bila, Banao, Balintaugan, Bagnen Proper, Bagnen Oriente, and Abatan.