Biliran Hymn Song Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official hymn of the island province of Biliran in the Philippines.

Oh land of our birth
Oh beautiful island
A haven, a paradise
An Eden sublime
Oh land of our birth
Here lie our forefathers
Their dreams divine
For an independent
Province of Biliran.

(Repeat first stanza.)

From caressing shorelines
To rolling hillocks
To verdant mountains high
The azure skies above
Tell us you're there peaceful, happy and free
We are your sons and your daughters
Oh beautiful Biliran
With our hearts, our souls and hands
For you to prosper all through the years.

(Repeat second stanza.)

Biliran, Biliran
Oh land of our birth
We love you, and vow ne'er to leave you
This is our pledge, our promise
Biliran, Biliran
We love.

About the Province of Biliran

Biliran is an island province of the Philippines situated in the Eastern Visayas Region. It used to be a part of the province of Leyte but it became an independent province in 1992. The seat of government is located at Naval. It's composed of eight municipalities. These are Naval, Maripipi, Kawayan, Culaba, Caibiran, Cabucgayan, Biliran and Almeria.