Mankayan Heaven by Margaret Locano: Song and Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the song Mankayan Heaven as sung by the Igorot singer Margaret Locano.

Close to my heart though we’re far apart
Is a hut on the hill I call home
Peaks reaching high touch the bright blue sky
In a cloudless and measureless dome
When the morning's fresh dew brings its fragrance to you
When the night's blooming flowers by the stars caressed.
Mankayan heaven on earth, fairyland of my birth
And to heaven where I'll find my rest

Patient and kind though she’s left behind
Is the Igorot girl that I love
Clasping her hands made me understand
As if sworn by the stars above
That she’ll wait for me there only hoping I care
Not aware of my innermost heart does yearn
Mankayan heaven’s your name, dear land whence I came
Nest of angels to which I return.

Diadem, purest gem, Mankayan heaven;
Comfort friends, journeys end, Mankayan haven.

About the Town of Mankayan

Mankayan is a 2st class municipality in the province of Benguet. It's primarily a mining town. For decades, it's been home to the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company. The town is composed of 12 barangays. These are Balili, Bedbed, Bulalacao, Cabiten, Colalo, Guinaoang, Paco, Palasaan, Poblacion, Sapid, Tabio, and Taneg.