Last Piece in the Puzzle of My Life by Vic P. Yambao (Poem) - Analysis, Meaning, Critique

The sweetness of your voice
Your soul-searching eyes
Throw in the smiling lips
Makes my life complete

Missing you, when you're gone
But frozen stiff
when you're around
As my worthless life
is now complete
This dream might end...
if I'll stir...

Analysis, Meaning, Critique

This poem is very straightforward. And needless to say, it's quite easy to understand. It's a love poem. A guy is basically expressing his feelings of love to a girl. The first stanza describes why the speaker is in love with the girl in the first place. She has a very sweet voice. She has beautiful soul-searching eyes. She has irresistible smiling lips. The stanza ends with the line "makes my life complete". The girl makes the speaker feel full. Seeing or being with the girl makes him feel like he has everything and that he doesn't need anything else. Anyone who has ever fallen in love with someone can understand this feeling.

Love makes you feel full. It makes you feel complete. It makes you feel like you have achieved everything. It makes you feel that you can take on the world.

The first five lines of the second stanza is a continuation of the adulations in the first stanza. Just expressions of pure love and unbridled longing.

The last two lines in the poem is where things get a bit more interesting. Unlike the rest of the poem which can be read literally, these last two lines can be approached with a few different interpretations. The keyword in these last two lines is "dream". This can be interpreted as a literal dream. The speaker is merely dreaming. Everything contained in the poem is but a dream. The girl may be real but the descriptions of the speaker being complete are but figments in the dream. This is why he's afraid and concerned that the dream will end. We all know that feeling. We are having a beautiful dream and we are scared to stir or move a muscle because we just might wake up and find out that everything was just a dream.

An alternative interpretation of the last two lines is that the speaker is not describing a literal dream. Everything about him and the girl is real and true. It's so real and true that it feels like a dream. We all know this feeling of bliss and satisfaction. In the poem, the speaker is overwhelmed by this bliss so much that he's very scared it might end. This is why he must avoid to "stir" anything at all costs. The "stir" here could be a metaphor for doing something stupid or reckless that will eventually put an end to the romantic bliss the speaker is currently experiencing.