Oras de Peligro: an Upcoming Movie by Director Joel Lamangan

Oras de Peligro is an upcoming movie by Filipino director Joel Lamangan (Rainbow's Sunset, Siphayo, The Bride and the Lover, Migrante, Desperadas). The film was written by Eric Ramos and Bonifacio Ilagan. It's to be produced by Bagong Siklab Productions. The film will follow a documentary-drama style wherein historical and archival footages are combined with dramatization. The film is about the experiences of a poor urban family during the final days of the Marcos dictatorship. 

Bonifacio Ilagan, one of the writers of the film, is a Martial Law survivor. Ilagan and Lamangan have worked together in the past for multiple film and media projects. He is the elder brother of Rizalina Ilagan, an activist who was abducted in 1977. She was never seen again. 

Serving as a backdrop for the film is the EDSA People Power Revolution. According to Lamangan, the movie is a conscious effort to help fight disinformation and historical distortion in the Philippines. The film will directly address the lies that Marcos propagandists and loyalists have been trying to embed into Philippine society for decades.

A press/story conference for the film was held on October 23, 2022. 

A prolific director who made his first film in 1991, Lamangan is most well-known for his award-winning films which include The Flor Contemplacion Story, Sidhi, Deathrow, Hubog, Aishte Imasu 1941, Blue Moon, and Mano Po.


- Cherie Pie Picache
- Allen Dizon
- Mae Paner
- Nor Domingo
- Therese Malvar
- Dave Bornea
- Gerald Santos
- Carlos Dala
- Felixia Dizon
- Jim Pebanco
- Nanding Joseph
- Apollo Abraham
- Marcus Madrigal
- Rico Barrera
- Elora Espano