Was Nick Joaquin Known as Doveglion?

The short answer is no. Nick Joaquin did not use Doveglion as a pen name. Doveglion is the pen name of another well-known and influential Filipino writer and poet. That would be Jose Garcia Villa. Villa used Doveglion as a pen name and explained that it was a combination of the three words dove, eagle, and lion. According to Villa, these three animals/creatures (which has appeared in some of his works) represent his personality. Even the great American poet e.e. cummings has written and dedicated a poem to Villa using the pen name. What was the poem called? The poem was called "Doveglion, Adventures in Value."

In 2008, Penguin published a selected collection of Jose Garcia Villa's most famous and influential poems. The book was titled Doveglion: Collected Poems. The book was referred to as a centennial edition because it was published on Villa's centennial year. The collection contained an introduction by Luis H. Francia and it was edited by John Edwin Cowen.

Nick Joaquin has also used a pen name in some of his works. He used the pen name Quijano de Manila. This pen name was supposed to be an anagram of Nick Joaquin's family name. He mostly used this pen name in his essays and columns for various publications. He used to write weekly for the Philippines Free Press. 

Stories by Nick Joaquin that you should read include Candido's Apocalypse, The Order of Melkizedek, Dona Jeronima, Guardia de Honor, The Woman Who Had Two Navels, May Day Eve, The Summer Solstice, The Mass of St. Sylvestre, The Legend of the Dying Wanton, and Three Generations.