FilipiKnow: Amazing Facts and Figures Every Pinoy Must Know (Book)

FilipiKnow: Amazing Facts and Figures Every Pinoy Must Know is a trivia book authored by Luisito Batongbakal Jr., Alex Maynard Castro, and Marcus Aurelian Vaflor. The book was published in 2016 by Summit Books. It was an offshoot of a popular trivia website (also known as FilipiKnow). The FilipiKnow website popularized the trivia and listicle format of online content creation in the Philippines. At the height of its popularity, the website consistently attracted hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every day. Their content also regularly went viral on social media most especially on Facebook where their posts often get hundreds if not thousands of shares.

The articles in the FilipiKnow book are accompanied by historical pictures as well as modern illustrations. Like in the website, the content featured in the book has a focus on Philippine historical events and historical figures. Many of the articles have already appeared in the website. However, most of the pieces in the book are expanded and improved versions of the articles that originally appeared in the website.

Luisito Batongbakal Jr. founded the website in 2013. He was inspired by the trivia magazine Mental Floss. Batongbakal Jr. wrote in the book's introduction: "What was Jose Rizal's favorite food? Who was the first recorded Pinoy serial killer? Who was the mastermind behind Ninoy Aquino's assassination? In 2013, these were just some of the questions that rekindled my childhood curiosity. As I searched for answers, I realized that there was no website that could satisfy my craving for interesting Pinoy facts. I was searching for a local version of Mental Floss - a repository of the most astonishing, lesser-known trivia about our history and culture.

And so a unique blog was born. Combining the words "Filipino" and "knowledge", I came up with a name I never thought in a million years would start an online revolution -

Here's a quick rundown of the contents of the book:

1. 15 Things You Didn't Know About Eat Bulaga
2. Philippine History Lessons Debunked
3. The Most Tragic Love Stories in Philippine History
4. This Pinoy Basketball Team is Legendary
5. Mind-Boggling Myths About Jose Rizal
6. 20 Things You Didn't Know Had Filipino Names
7. 10 Filipino Slang Words with Surprising Origins
8. Historical Facts You Probably Didn't Learn in School
9. Events from Philippine History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly
10. Famous Foreign Wars You Didn't Know Filipinos Fought In
11. Badass Facts About Antonio Luna
12. The Life and Death of Gregorio del Pilar
13. Apolinario Mabini: the Underrated Hero
14. The Mystery of Ninoy Aquino's Assassination
15. 8 Things About Ferdinand Marcos - According to Urban Legends
16. 10 Popular Urban Legends About Imelda Marcos
17. Crazy Pinoy Conspiracy Theories
18. The Chilling Story of the Philippines' First Serial Killer
19. Filipina Warriors You've Never Heard Of
20. 5 Influential Filipina Queens and Princesses
21. Local Treasures and Other Ancient Artifacts
22. Horrifying Pinoy Cannibals
23. Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Famous Pinoy Movies
24. The Millinneal's Guide to Old-School Pinoy Expressions
25. Intriguing Hoaxes That Had Us Fooled
26. The Philippine Connection to 9/11
27. Bizarre Philippine Laws
28. Kainan Na: Fun Facts About Pinoy Food
29. Surprising Facts About Death Penalty in the Philippines
30. Local Events That Had a Worldwide Impact
31. 5 Greatest Athletes You've Mever Heard Of
32. Old-School Filipino Games We Used to Play
33. 7 Famous Historical Figures You Didn't Know Visited the Philippines
34. Foreign War heroes
35. The First Igorot Beauty Queen
36. Untold Truths in Philippine History
37. Historical Bad Guys
38. Let's Play Detective: 3 Filipino Spies
39. The Great Balimbings in Philippine History
40. Notorious Pinoy Gangsters