Kwentillion: a Million Stories to be Told (Magazine)

Kwentillion: a Million Stories to be Told was a magazine published in January of 2012. It was edited by Budjette Tan and Paolo Chikiamco. The magazine was intended to be a bi-monthly magazine but no succeeding issues were ever produced.

Contents of the magazine:

1. The Last Datu by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo
2. Poso Maximo by Robert Magnuson
3. The Secret Origin of Spin-Man by Andrew Drilon
4. The Apocalypse Can Wait: YA Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2012 by Chachic Fernandez and Tina Matanguihan
5. I Love Fan Fiction (Or, Three Reasons Why It's Good to Muck About in Other People's Playgrounds) by Anna Sanchez
6. Interview with Manix Abrera
7. Interview with Chester Ocampo
8. High Society by Paolo Chikiamco and Hannah Buena
9. Glossary of Terms
10. Skygypsies by Timothy Dimacali and John Bumanglag
11. How to Draw a Tikbalang by Josef Rootgum and Kajo Baldisimo
12. Myth-Troduction: Philippne Folk Magic by Paolo Chikiamco and Mervin Malonzo
13. Tarie's Take: The Need for Filipino Young Adult Literature by Tarie Sabido

Here's the Editors Note for the magazine:

Past, Present, and Future

Hello there! Welcome to Kwentillion. Welcome to the future. Or at least, the future we'd like to see.

It's funny that what you have in your hands now is a little bit of our Past: both of us grew up inspired by Other Worlds, worlds of magical science and complex fantasies, worlds that could suck in young readers and ignite their imaginations. Even as adults, these are the kind of stories we love to read and create. These are the stories we love to share.

But Kwentillion is also about our Present - more specifically, what we think our book shelves could use more of, right now. The young adult market is booming, with some of the most exciting stories and certainly the most devoted set of fans -- but what publications exist that specifically cater to them? Kwentillion will fill that void, and more, serving not only as a place to discuss our existing fandoms, but a place to create new ones that will be as familiar as they are fantastic, with heroes and heroines who look like us, adventures inspired by our own unique mythology, aliens who land not in New York but in Manila, or Cebu, or Davao.

We aim to do this by tapping the great well of talented Filipino creators. And in so doing, hopefully help them connect with a wider audience.

Those are big words, fighting words - but that's to be expected. We were raised on stories where amulets can grant immortality and orphan gamers can save the galaxy. We can't help but dream big. There are a million stories - a million kwentos - out there for the telling, and we want them all.

This is the Future we wish for. With your help, it's a Future we can realize. Welcome to Kwentillion. May your monsters always fall. And your starships always soar.


Editors: Budjette Tan, Paolo Chikiamco
Art Director: Frantz Arno Salvador
Contributing Artists: Kajo Baldisimo, John Bumanlag, Hannah Buena, Melvin Malonzo, Andrew Drilon, Robert Magnuson
Contributing Writers: Andrew Drilon, Chachic Fernandez, Tina Matanguihan, Anna Sanchez, Tarie Sabido, Paolo Chikiamco, Budjette Tan, Robert Magnuson