Cory: Profile of a President by Isabelo T. Crisostomo (Book)

Cory: Profile of a President: The Historic Rise to Power of Corazon Cojuangco Aquino is a book by Isabelo T. Crisostomo published in 1986, the very same year that Cory was installed as President of the Republic of the Philippines after the ouster of Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

About the Author (from the book's back flap):
Isabelo T. Crisostomo, one of the Philippines' leading writers, rose to national prominence in the '70s with his provocative essays and stories and his role as a nationalistic writer-educator espousing radical social changes before martial law was imposed in 1972. Among his writing honors were "Most Outstanding Writer" of the Philippines Free Press, "Best Story Writer" of the Arizona Quarterly, and "Best Essay Writer," One-Asia Essay Contest. Author of the first mass communications book in the Philippines, Modern Advertising for Filipinos; a collection of essays, The Challenge of Leadership; a collection of stories, The Lonely Room; and a number of historico-political volumes, he was a state college president (Philippine College of Commerce, now the Polytechnic University of the Philippines) and acamedician, and is at present a consultant on education and communications, public administration and management. Cory: Profile of a President, his sevent published book, is part of a series on progress of the political history of the Philippines.