Brillante Mendoza Pitches 'The Embroiderer' and 'The Gay Messiah' In Upcoming Film Financing Forum

It's been a while since movie fans were last treated to a film by multi-awarded director Brillante Mendoza. His last project was Thy Womb, a drama that was released in 2012. It was a critically-acclaimed motion picture but like most Mendoza films, it never really made any money.

Most critics and those people who have seen it agree that it was a well-made film. But as it goes, it's not the kind of film that Filipino audiences go to. Besides, the film wasn't treated with a nationwide release. It was only shown in select theaters. Nevertheless, it's a great example of great filmmaking and a lot of people say it stands as Mendoza's best output so far.

Fans of the director have every reason to rejoice with the news that he has two projects (if things go according to plan) that will start production this year. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Mendoza has not one but two projects that he will pitch in the upcoming Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF). One is a feature film (The Embroiderer) and one is a documentary (The Gay Messiah). These two films are among the 29 projects that were announced by the HAF.

The event which will be held from March 24 to 26 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre will have directors pitch their projects to investors, co-producers, and distributors. Supported by Fushan Features (a film production company), the event also introduced a new Fushan Documentary Award which is worth HK$100,000. That's about US$12,900.

Mendoza's The Embroiderer will be about the power of undying love while the documentary The Gay Messiah will tackle issues on religious beliefs.
Captive, one of director Mendoza's most recent films.
Another Filipino filmmaker, Jun Robles Lana will also be pitching a film in the forum. His project is called Our Father. Lana is no stranger to the forum as he bagged the HAF Award for a non-Hong Kong project in 2013 for his work Barber's Tales.

Brillante Mendoza and Jun Robles Lana will represent the Philippines in the upcoming forum.

The other projects in the lineup are 30 Days of Ginger (Singapore), Angel Whispers (Hong Kong), Dance of Death (Japan), Dead End (India), Devil and Dust (China), Dust (China), Five Star Billionaire (Malaysia/China), Follow You (China), Forgive Me (China), Game (Hong Kong), Hip Hop Kabul (Afghanistan), The Honeygiver Among the Dogs (Bhutan), I Miss You When I See You (Hong Kong), Instant Love (China), Lucy and I (Singapore), Malegaon: Tales from the Terror Trail (India), A Nail Clipper Romance (Hong Kong), Private Eyes (Taiwan), The Sea (Hong Kong), So Be It (Thailand), The Trial (China), The Wedding Terminator (Malaysia/China/Hong Kong), Game of Suspects (Hong Kong), Love Is Speaking (China), Sisters Snake (Singapore/USA), and The Solitary Pier (Taiwan).