This Is Why You Should Be Extra Careful When Buying Stuff From Online Auction Sites

If there's one thing you should understand about buying stuff from online auction sites, it's that the stuff you are bidding on are not always what they seem. Looking at a photo of a plasma TV online isn't the same as when you are actually looking at the real thing. A very short man with the right photo can look like a very tall man online.

Some guy learned this lesson the hard way. Someone on Imgur posted the following photo with the caption "My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction. It wasn't until we went to pick them up that we realized it was at an elementary school."

source: imgur

These guys seem to have forgotten that chairs come in various sizes. They were obviously expecting 50 chairs which adults like them can sit upon. What they got instead were 50 chairs built for kids. It's funny and I hope they were able to cancel the transaction because where are you going to use 50 elementary chairs? Start an elementary school of your own, maybe.

The lesson here is always check and recheck the things you are bidding on online before you close the deal.