These Twin Sisters Were Separated At Birth. Their Reunion Story Made Me Cry.

Do you believe in destiny? If you don't, the amazing story of these two beautiful girls just might change your mind. Their names are Samantha and Anais and they are twins. They were separated at birth and for more than two decades they grew up in two separate families. One grew up in America, one in France. The weren't aware that each of them had a twin sister.

Until one day, Samantha, an actress based in Los Angeles, received a message via Facebook that will change her life forever. The message was from Anais, a French fashion designer living in London.

Friends of Anais have seen a video on YouTube featuring Samantha and they immediately noticed the striking resemblance to their friend. After a little bit of Googling and stalking, Anais and her friends found out that  both girls were born on the same day (November 19, 1987) in South Korea. And that they were both adopted.

Anais finally reached out to Samantha via Facebook. The rest is history. After endless conversations online, Anais and Samantha finally decided to meet each other in person. And they did in May of 2013.

Here they are having fun shortly after they were reunited.

Here are separate pictures of them when they were kids. The resemblance is undeniable.

And here is the Facebook message that Anais sent to Samantha introducing herself.

After reuniting, they've spent time together visiting London, California, and Seoul which is the city of their birth. It's a beautiful story that is worth resharing over and over again. What are the odds that two people - who were separated from birth and had no idea that they had twins and were sent to live in different continents - are able to reconnect with each other again.

Here are more photos of them after their reunion.

Samantha and Anais have documented their amazing story and they want to share it with the world. That's why they have started an appeal via Kickstarter to help them produce and create the documentary. To learn more information about the project and more details about their story, go to their Kickstarter page here. Get updated about the most recent developments in the project by following their Facebook page.

It's a beautiful story which more people should know. If you like their story, feel free to share this piece with your friends and colleagues. Thanks.