Let's Help This World War II Veteran Tell His Story

This man's name is Orencio Salem. He is a World War II veteran. He's among the thousands of brave soldiers who defended this country against the wraths of the Second World War. We don't hear his story and the stories of his comrades often enough. But hopefully, this is going to change. With your help, we might be able to give this man and his fellow veterans the chance to tell their stories. So please read on.

The man you see below walking against the backdrop of an awesome sunset (or sunrise) is Rodney Cajudo. A writer, filmmaker, and photographer currently based in the United States, Cajudo might just be the man we need to tell the stories of our veterans. He has embarked on an ambitious undertaking he calls The Valor Project: World War II Stories From The Philippines.

The project is an endeavor that aims to provide a voice for our veterans through several mediums of art. These would include a documentary film, a photography book, poetry, and fictional stories. Now, to get all of these done, Cajudo is going to need some help. Your help.

Cajudo brought his project to Kickstarter where people who wish to help can do so. The project needs funding for it to be realized. You can check out the Kickstarter page for the project here. You can also help by spreading word about the project. The more people are informed about the project, the closer it will get to its realization.