Teenager Beats Grandmother To Death For Interrupting A Video Game

A 17-year-old teenager in Barangay Batasan Hills in Quezon City beat his own grandmother to death last Friday night (March 7, 2014). According to an ABS-CBN report, the boy did it after his grandmother interrupted him while he was playing the very popular game video DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) in a computer shop in their neighborhood.

According to the same report, it was about 6 pm when the 68-year-old grandmother went to fetch the boy at the computer shop. At that time, the boy was playing DOTA in the computer shop.

When the two got home, the grandmother scolded her grandson and that's when he attacked her. The boy claims he can't fully remember what exactly happened because he blacked out during the event. When he came to his right senses, he was already in the process of cleaning up the mess around the crime scene.

The boy then went to his aunt who lives nearby at around 10 pm and informed her about what happened. They went back to where the crime happened and the aunt immediately sought the help of barangay officials and the police. Found at the scene were bloodstained ceramic shards which may have come from a shattered vase that the boy may have used against her grandmother. The police reported that they found wounds on the grandmother's head, neck, and chest.

Being a minor at age 17, the boy has been turned over to the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
Source: Flickr/Hao Lin
However, interruption of his DOTA game may not be the whole reason why the teenager did what he did. It was just him and his grandmother who live in their house. He was raised by his grandmother. His very own parents live somewhere else and have families of their own. So he is from a broken family.

Source: ABS-CBN