Watch This Sick Puppy Transform Into Something So Magnificent

His name is Jax. He was sold by his previous owner along with some of his sibling for $150 to the Vancouver Islands Dog Rescue Society. When turned over to the society, he was sick and suffering from an illness. He wasn't very healthy at all. Luckily, he was brought into good and caring hands. His transformation will amaze you.

Here is Jax. Looking all sick and unhealthy.

This has to be itchy and painful.

The illness spreading throughout Jax's body.

A young puppy shouldn't be suffering like this.

But behold. After the good work by the Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society, the sick puppy has been transformed into something beautiful and magnificent.

The Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society, needless to say is doing a great job helping these helpless dogs recover their health and strength. If you want to learn more about them and how you can probably help in their cause, you can visit their Facebook page here or their official website here.