A Child Should Never Be Subjected To This Kind Of Suffering (Viral Photo)

This photo of a child doing the penitensya is going viral on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It shows a child whose age may range between 3 and 6 beating himself up. Fresh blood is all over his tiny back. The man walking alongside the boy also seems to have splatters of blood on his white jersey shirt and green short pants. As the man himself isn't doing the penitensya, the blood may have come from the boy.

As expected, the reaction from netizens is of disgust and anger. The penitensya is an option that should only be available to adults. This child probably doesn't even have an inkling as to why he's doing what he's doing. This brings us to the question "What made him do it?" Is he doing it because he wanted to? Did someone tell him to do it? If yes, who? His friends? His family?

Whatever the case, this image is disgusting. This is not faith. This is abuse. Why isn't anybody stopping him? How can a grown person just stand by and watch a child subject himself to pain like this? This is wrong. This is not right. These things shouldn't be happening. It's the 21sth century already. It's time for Filipinos to start thinking straight, reasonably and rationally. A rational person wouldn't allow a boy to do this to himself. What did the boy do to deserve such a thing? He stole some money? He lied? What?

Grow up Philippines. Grow up. What's the point in making a child do the penitensya? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It's senseless. For Christians who find this okay, why don't you ask yourself "Would your God approve of this?"

Source: Facebook