ABS-CBN Creates Cringe-Worthy Video Ad For The Singapore Tourism Board. It Got Mocked To Death.

In case it's the first time that you are hearing about this, allow me to put you up to speed. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has hired the Philippine television network ABS-CBN to produce a video advertisement promoting Singapore as an ideal tourism destination. So ABS-CBN produced a video. STB asked ABS-CBN to produce the ad because it's supposed to target Filipinos. ABS-CBN is a Philippine company so they should know how to approach the target market.

However, the video that ABS-CBN produced was a total disaster. After the Singapore Tourism Board posted the video on their Facebook and YouTube accounts, it was lambasted and ridiculed so badly by Singaporean netizens that STB has to delete the video. You can no longer watch the video on STB's Facebook and YouTube pages. But this is the internet so there are probably dozens out there who've made copies of the video for the enjoyment of those who are yet to see for themselves how cringe-worthy the video is.

Watch it in all its ugly glory below:

I don't know how much money STB paid ABS-CBN to create this commercial but its quality is just unforgivable. What were they thinking? Everything from the dialogue to the plot to the twists is bad. And it runs for a full three minutes. It's a great thing STB pulled it down because had it stayed in circulation, it would cause more embarrassment to the Philippines considering the fact that it was produced by a Philippine company.