College Student Acts As Human Chair For An Elderly Woman Stuck In An Elevator

Cesar Larios, a student of the Art Institute of Florida, has turned into an internet sensation after an act of kindness he bestowed upon an elderly woman stuck in an elevator.

Larios, who is also an employee of College Hunks, a hauling and moving company, was at an assisted living facility to do a moving job. While inside the building's elevator, it suddenly got stuck. An elderly woman in the elevator said that she could not stand for extended periods of time. So the 23-year-old Larios offered himself as a human chair for the elderly lady. He stayed that way for a full 30 minutes.

In an email to the GoodNewsNetwork, Nick Friedman (Larios' employer) said that "I thought this was a great example of old-fashioned service and helping your fellow neighbor." Larios' mother Olga Lourdes Ruiz Velasco also chimed in saying "He is my son, and I am so proud of him."