Man in Cebu Beats Up His Wife After Catching Her on Facebook Talking to Her Ex

A man in Cebu was thrown into jail after slapping his wife and threatening her with a kitchen knife. Bombo Radyo reported that the man hurt his wife after catching her using the social networking site Facebook and talking to her ex.

The suspect was identified as Henry Solon, 43 years old, a long-time resident of barangay Mabolo in the city of Cebu. Catching his wife communicating with her former lover on the popular social site, Solon was overwhelmed by jealousy, prompting him to slap his wife, shout at her then point a kitchen knife at her face. A child of theirs who saw them fighting immediately went to seek help from a nearby police station.

PO1 Hannah Arcaba, during an interview by Bombo Radyo, said that when authorities responded to the incident, Solon didn't try to evade arrest. According to Arcaba, the suspect surrendered peacefully.

The suspect was immediately thrown into prison. He even tried to commit suicide inside his cell but the policemen on duty were able to prevent him from doing so.

The suspect's wife stated that she can't forgive his husband for what he did to her and that she will be filing charges against him under the Violation Against Women's and Their Children's Act of 2004.