The Inspiring Story of a One-Legged Football Player

His name is Nicolai Calabria. He's known among family, friends, and fans as simply Nico. He was born without his right leg and hip but these did not deter him from doing the things that he loves. On his website, he says "I choose to focus on who I am, not what I have."

In a profile written by Meagan Priselac for Coca-Cola, Priselac had the following to say: "Playing for the U.S. National Soccer team and summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro are two accomplishments you likely wouldn’t expect to find on a 19-year-old's resume; especially one who achieved both of those impressive feats with only one leg.

But Nico Calabria, one of five amateur soccer players featured in Powerade’s 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign, is no stranger to exceeding society’s expectations. Born with one leg, Calabria’s perceived “disability” could have easily kept him on the sidelines if it weren’t for the support of his family."

Nico's story is indeed one that can inspire people to go out there and achieve the things they've always dreamed of. To not allow themselves to be imprisoned by things like fear or lack of a limb. Watch Nico's story unfold in the video below and be inspired.