Unsuspecting Filipina Grandmother Reads 'Go The F**k To Sleep' To Her Grand Daughter

American author Adam Mansbach created a lot of controversy in 2011 when his "children's book for adults" Go the F_ck to Sleep was published. Illustrated by Ricardo Cortes, the book has content that is typical of children's books but with a heavy sprinkling of swear and cuss words.

The book was a huge success, reaching the top of the Amazon bestseller list a month before its release. Amidst the positive reviews and negative criticisms heaped upon the book, fans started recording themselves reading the book. Even the well-known actor Samuel L. Jackson recorded his version.

But nothing beats the reading of the book by an unwary Filipina grandmother. During a visit to her daughter's home, the grandmother was given a book to read to her grand daughter. What ensued was nothing short of hilarious.