Ken Ham: Dinosaurs Were Vegetarians But Because Adam Sinned, They Became Meat-Eaters

Answers In Genesis through their YouTube channel uploaded a video of Ken Ham yet again pushing his belief that animals and dinosaurs used to live together. As to the point in history when dinosaurs existed, it couldn't be millions of years ago because when dinosaur fossils are dug up today, they don't have labels attached showing their dates. That's the logic of Ken Ham.

In the description of the video is a link to a very long article by Ham titled What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?. As to be expected, it's an article full of lies and foolish arguments that would've been avoided had Ham opened a real science book or two. But if you have seen the debate between Ham and Bill Nye a few months ago, Ham made it known that nothing is going to change his mind. That said, expect more dinosaurs-lived-along-humans stories from Ham in the near future.