Surf The Sky With The Hoverboard Or FlyBoard, The Future Of Extreme Water Sports

Man's quest for extreme aquatic recreation led to the creation of the Hoverboard and FlyBoard. These are possibly the next big things in water sports. The stuff you used to see only in science fiction movies is now a reality. Created by Franky Zapata of Zapata Racing, the Hoverboard and FlyBoard gives you the ability to surf the sky, swim, and dive in the sea all at the same time.

The Hoverboard gets its movement through propulsion provided by a long hose attached to it. Watch how the device works in the demonstration below by extreme sports enthusiast Devin Graham. With speed that can go up to 23 mph, the Hoverboard enables a rider to reach heights of several feet in the air as well as dive deeper into the ocean.
For information on how you can get your hands on one, visit the website of Rocky Mountain FlyBoard. They have both the FlyBoard and the Hoverboard for sale. They don't come cheap though. A Hoverboard costs between $2,500 and $5,800 depending on whether you avail of a standalone Hoverboard or one that includes the complete accessories.