Turkish Company Creates A Machine That Feeds And Waters Stray Dogs In Exchange For Used Plastic Bottles And Cans

The presence of stray dogs is a major problem in a lot of the world's cities and urban centers. The city of Istanbul in Turkey is facing such a problem. However, because of the ingenuity of one Turkish company, this problem might go away or at least minimized. The company Pugedon has come up with a machine that feeds and waters stray dogs in exchange for the used and empty bottles and cans that people feed into the machine. It's a very clever idea. The person with the used bottle gets rid of it while helping the city stay clean as well as feed and water the city's stray dogs.
The machine works in a very simple way. If you place an empty bottle into it, dog food trickles into a built-in feeding bowl which stray dogs can easily access. There's also a bowl where the dogs can drink their fill. It's a great idea and here's to hoping that it spreads across the globe.