SM Store Draws Outrage For Selling A T-Shirt That Promotes Rape Culture

The largest shopping mall chain in the country seems to have a system that's lacking in rigor when it comes to approving what gets to be sold on their store shelves. Just last month, the shopping mall draw flak for selling a bag with an imprinted design that was used without permission from the original artist.

Now, SM incited another round of outrage when the photo of a shirt they are selling that contains the phrase "It's not rape. It's a snuggle with a struggle." circulated online.

The photo was taken by Karen Kunawicz (writer, poet, editor) on the third floor of the SM Department Store at SM Megamall. According to Kunawicz, she snapped the photo at the store's boys t-shirt section. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to take note of the shirt's brand so unless SM goes out of their way and divulge such information, it will be difficult to trace the source of said shirt.

SM doesn't have any other choice but to pull out the shirt. The big question now is how did the shirt make it to their shelves? Does the chain have some sort of a control system in identifying which designs should be sold and which designs shouldn't be allowed to even make it to the door? This is likely an honest error but this doesn't take away the fact that it has hurt the feelings of a lot of people.
The shirt being sold in SM Megamall. Photo by Karen Kunawicz.