Filipino Christian Evangelist Eli Soriano Claims That The Bible Is Scientific And Evolution Is Impossible

Eliseo Soriano, the Christian evangelist who is currently the presiding minister of the Christian organization Members Church of God International, has written an article titled Possibilities and Impossibilities in the Bible: Time-Bound and Foreordained which was published on his official website. The gist of Soriano's article is his claim that the Christian Bible is scientific. To try to drive his point deeper, Soriano shared his article on his Facebook and Twitter accounts with the hashtag #TheBiblicalScience. He also encouraged his thousands of social media followers to spread the article with the same hashtag. The message that the Ang Dating Daan host is trying to impart is loud and clear - the Bible is supported by science or the Bible withstands the scrutiny of science.

Unfortunately, Soriano's claim is a claim that has no teeth. In his article, Soriano defended the Genesis account of creation wherein God created light before he created the sun and the moon. Science tells us that light on earth is provided by the sun during the day and reflected by the moon from the sun during the night. How can there be light on earth when its source (the sun and the moon) haven't been created yet. The account in Genesis is akin to saying a manufacturer manufactured light before manufacturing the flashlight. It just doesn't make sense and Soriano sort of admits this quandary by writing that the Genesis account is "very easily dismissed by the enemies of the Bible as something stupid and unscientific!"

So what is Soriano's supporting evidence to the Genesis creation account which suggests that light on earth can exist without the sun and the moon? Soriano tried to support this with a list of possibilities and impossibilities. Listed among the possibilities is "The appearance of light from utter darkness." So Soriano basically just repeated what the book of Genesis said. It boils down to the reasoning that it was recorded on the Bible therefore it's true and infallible. Soriano has got to do better than this if he wants atheists and agnostics to get back to the Christian fold.

In the same article, Soriano also bashed almost the entirety of the scientific community with his list of impossibilities. Soriano says that the universe is not expanding. This is an insult to astronomers and astrophysicists whose extensive researches and studies provide evidence that the universe is indeed expanding.

Soriano says that it's impossible "to produce humans from animals". This is obviously a jab at the theory of evolution but it only shows that Soriano still doesn't understand even the basics of evolution. He's still clinging to the misconception that evolution entails a monkey-to-man process. Needless to say, this jab is an insult to biology, evolutionary biology in particular and a plethora of other related sciences.
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Soriano also says that it's impossible "for the universe not to be in perfect order". Unfortunately, Soriano didn't tell us what he meant by "perfect order". As far as we know, the universe is a pot of explosions and collisions. Stars are exploding. Galaxies are colliding. Meteors are crashing into planets. This is not order at all.

In conclusion, what Soriano wrote in his most recent article boils down to this - the Bible is scientific, real science is not. This is of course preposterous. If evolution will ever be disproved, it will be in a laboratory by scientists, not in a blog post by a Christian evangelist.